Co Yn jewels transmit clues about the individuals who wear them.  Perceptive observers sense the symbols and interpret them, this is where the communication starts.

Co Yn is a finite set of symbols, that gives life to infinite interpretations and impressions

The project was conceived in the minds of two friends longing for the same idea, jewels with which they felt identified, could be worn everyday and be everlasting. Since they bonded their names together, Constanza and Ynés,  they have worked united to create special, subtle jewels that will make each individual feel connected and attached to an item and feel the urge to adopt it. Eternal is the key characteristic achieved through searching, finding and forging precious metals and stones into jewels. 

We work with what asteroids have brought to us millions of years ago, that shiny, yellow glowing metal created inside stars the moment they explode into a supernova, gold. That valuable substance that abounds in the heart of our planet Earth. It is believed that there’s a strong energy flow between precious stones and the individual, this is why we aim to design jewels with their stones touching the wearer's skin. These are the main keys that enable us to create everlasting treasures

Co Yn jewelry has been brought to life not as an inert, inanimate and stiff entity, but as an active, spontaneous, and light article, orbiting around the subject.